Business Cases in a Nutshell


The Use Case of FFT deals with the maintenance of manufacturing equipment within the aviation sector. FFT’s Hoisting Equipment comprises Fittings to be mounted at aircraft components for assembly or transportation, as well as Lifting Gears that will be applied to lift and/or move aircraft components (such as engines, wings, vertical tails etc.) during the assembly of an airframe.

The Use Case deals with a complex automatic production line to produce drums for dryer. The product is basically a carbon steel cylinder used to keep and rotating clothes during drying stage. The equipment is a sequence of different steps involving many operations and requiring the synchronized action of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic tool and moving parts.

The use case of Cold Rolling deals with cold rolling mill for the production of steel strapping. Cold rolling is a process of reduction of the cross-sectional area or shaping a metal piece through the deformation caused by a pair of rotating in opposite directions metal rolls. Cold rolling occurs with the metal below its recrystallization temperature.

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