BIBA-Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik GmbH

BIBA - Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik GmbH is an engineering research institute developing technical and organizational solutions for tasks from various areas of production technology as well as from other related scientific disciplines and puts them into practice both in SMEs as well as multinational companies. The institute is directly linked to the University of Bremen, Faculty of Production Technology. The research unit “ICT applications for production (IKAP)” prepares, develops and realises methods and tools to support co-operative, inter-organisational enterprise networks. The research concentrates on efficient and effective collaborative design and production processes by applying innovative information and communication technologies (ICT).

The department Intelligent ICT for Co-operative Production deals with the application of ICT to develop and implement co-operative networks. Within this context, the acquisition, provision and transformation of process and product related information is considered. The expected project results are compliant with BIBA’s core long-term strategy. The ICT-based solutions will be used to improve the competences as well as enhance and distribute worked out in-house technologies and methods, especially knowledge based engineering (KBE), PLM systems and knowledge acquisition. BIBA is a founding member of the Open Group IoT work group. There, it is actively involved in the standardisation of IoT protocols and data models (O-MI, O-DF).

Institute of Communication and Computer Sytem

ICCS is a non-profit private law body associated with the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens. ICCS was established in 1989 by the Ministry of Education of Greece in order to promote research and development activity in all diverse aspects of computer and telecommunications systems and their applications. The Information Management Unit (IMU) of ICCS will participate in UPTIME. IMU is a multi-disciplinary Unit engaged in research and development activities in Information Technology Management. The mission of IMU is to enable the development of knowledge-driven organizations and its main focus it to design, develop and validate innovative models, methods and tools that leverage the creation, sharing and use of information and knowledge at the individual, team and organizational levels.

Rina Consulting

Rina Consulting S.p.A. (formerly D’Appolonia S.p.A.), integrates all the engineering consulting companies of the Rina Group becoming the largest fully independent Italian firm providing consulting & engineering services to Clients belonging both to the public and the private sector. The company operates in the markets of Energy, Transport and Infrastructures, Industry, Oil & Gas, Power, Renewables, Space & Defence, Industry sectors and investor support. With a staff of about 1700 engineers, scientists and associated professionals located in more than 20 offices worldwide, Rina Consulting offers high-end services to investors, promoters, operators and contractors, as well as to insurers and public administrations, to support their initiatives. All Rina Consulting services are performed at the highest professional level, understanding and complying with Client’s needs and requirements while taking into due consideration sustainability and health, safety and environmental targets.

Rina Consulting (RINA-C) is a team of engineers, consultants, designers, planners and specialists supporting public and private Clients from concept to decommissioning, through consultancy, design, management, operation and maintenance. The company provides a wide range of services covering the whole project life cycle from feasibility and specialized technical studies to conceptual and detailed design, prototyping and testing, project management, site engineering as well as operation and maintenance management. Innovation is a key element in all our projects; Rina Consulting has a proved experience in helping its clients in developing their new products and services as well as managing their collaborative innovation processes.

Mews Partners

Mews Partners is an independent management consulting firm that has been dedicated to the improvement of its customers’ operational performance for the past 20 years. Mews Partners combines value chain expertise (Innovation, R&D, MRO and Services, Management), methodology (Lean Transformation, IT Governance) and human values (customer proximity, team spirit) to deliver tangible results. Mews Partners has developed a recognized expertise on PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) & Lean Engineering / Lean Product Development.

Mews Partners has a wide knowledge of several industrial sectors: Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Energy & Utilities, Industrial equipment, Retail & Consumer Goods. Mews Partners has around 100 consultants dedicated to the improvement of operational excellence. The company has grown steadily since its creation in 1992 and had a turnover of 18 M€ in 2016. Throughout its growth, our firm has always kept a focus on a fundamental value: team-spirit, whether internally between coworkers, or externally in our relationships with our customers. Today they are as appreciative as we are of this trademark, which facilitates the establishment of trusting relationships, strong commitment to recommended changes, and lasting involvement in the implementation efforts.

Pumacy Technologies AG

Pumacy Technologies AG is a leading provider of knowledge and data management solutions. Founded in 2000, Pumacy is a spin-off from the Produktionstechnisches Zentrum (PTZ) which includes the Institute for Machine Tools and Factory Management IWF of the Technical University Berlin and the Fraunhofer-Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK.

Pumacy Technologies AG has customers who are known as leading manufacturers from the aerospace, automotive and pharmaceutical industry as well as the plant and machinery industries. The interdisciplinary team currently consists of 25 people, mainly engineers, business economists, and IT specialists. For each of the business areas Pumacy offers clients a holistic approach ranging from a first strategy and a systematic analysis to a professional concept and the implementation of the final solution. The focal point of its service solutions covers the technical, methodical and organisational aspects of knowledge management. This also comprises the management of data and information including search and big data analysis as well as applications based on indexing and semantic technologies.

SUITE5 Data Intelligence Solutions

SUITE5 is an Information Technology Solutions and Services SME, founded by a set of talented and creative people with a strong background in the ICT domains and with excellent management skills. Motivated by the unprecedented technological advancements of the Web2.0 era and the outstanding research results that led to such developments, the people behind Suite5 joined forces in order to transform research and innovation activities into real-life applications that generate tangible impact to society and business.

The mission of the company is to deliver innovative data-driven intelligence solutions through state-of-the art technologies, required for any organisation to be competitive, creative and effective. By combining strong technology know-how and hands on approach in managing and implementing projects commissioned by the public and the private sector, Suite5 provides research-inspired solutions and practical support for its clients in order to leverage business and crowd intelligence into their everyday operations. The research & innovation activities of SUITE5 span over a wide spectrum of innovative areas, covering (Big/Open/Linked) Data Analytics, Social Network Analysis & Intelligence and Data Interoperability & Management, and, in general, exploration of new application domains for high-end IT data-driven solutions. In this context, the overall concept, vision and the technologies that will be developed/used in the UPTIME project falls within major interest areas of SUITE5, as they deal with the data analytics for predictive maintenance in an industrial manufacturing context.

Ubitech Limited

UBITECH is a leading, highly innovative software house, systems integrator and technology provider, established to provide leading edge intelligent technical solutions and consulting services to businesses, organizations and government in order to allow the efficient and effective secure access and communication with various heterogeneous information resources and services, anytime and anywhere. UBITECH enables real-time valid information processing and decision-making, the realization of intelligent business environments, and B2B and B2C transactions by providing high added-value business –oriented and –based solutions.

UBITECH LIMITED is the youngest member of UBITECH Group that has been established in 2005, concentrated initially in the Balkan market and acquiring several EC and national grants for novel R&D initiatives. Currently, UBITECH Group has extended its operations with targeted international activities through its subsidiaries, representation offices, business partners and affiliated companies in Limassol (UBITECH LIMITED), Madrid (Business Development Office), Buenos Aires (UBITECH SRL targeting mainly Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia) and Guayaquil (Business Partner and Representation Office for Ecuador and Panama), concentrating mainly in the Spanish-speaking countries of Central and Latin America.


ISADEUS supports companies to improve the performance of their current processes and to offer innovative Product-services by mobilizing Web and linked data technological standards: Business improvement projects management, Models and data engineering, Standardization strategy and plan, System engineering and requirements management, Innovation monitoring, stakeholders and change management, Business cases build-up, Risks and opportunities management and Training and coaching. ISADEUS helps the companies to innovate by accelerating the deployment of information Norms and Standards, enabling them to create sustainable growing value. ISADEUS has a significant experience in Plant and Product Information/Documentation systems and a good knowledge of the academic works in the field of PLM and IoT. Standardization is a critical issue for the enterprises, which will deploy digital tools to use the data produced all along the lifecycle of the capital facilities, goods and services.

FFT Produktionssysteme GmbH & Co. KG

FFT is Tier-1 supplier of several OEMS in the Automotive sector, such as BMW, Ford, Mercedes, General Motors and Volkswagen. Therefore, FFT can offer long lasting and in-depth experience in the design, installation and operation of manufacturing systems. Being a maintenance service provider in the aerospace sector FFT is responsible for different kinds of manufacturing equipment from different manufacturing areas and will contribute experiences concerning the needs, requirements and best practices in service provision as well as the know-how gained during the development of the “FFTMaintain” in-house solution to support maintenance services.

Whirlpool EMEA SpA

Whirlpool Corporation is the world’s leading global manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances. In Europe, Whirlpool EMEA SpA relies on approx 26.000 employees, has a sales presence in over 30 countries and an extremely articulated and strong footprint. In Europe Whirlpool produces and commercializes a wide array of products including: washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, fridges, freezers, ovens, microwaves, hobs and hoods, and is leader in the refrigeration and laundry segments, while being the number one player for the white goods sector in several countries including UK, Italy, Poland, France and Russia. The European head quarter is located in Milan (Italy) where the growth and development strategy of the EMEA region is defined. In Italy, besides the managerial centre, Whirlpool owns its Centre of Excellence for Research in Cassinetta, Italy (Varese district), and in Fabriano, employing approx 750 international researchers and technicians working on the development of innovations which are transferred to all European businesses of the group. The Research Division has acquired over the years expertise in numerous areas such as manufacturing, materials, mechanical design, thermodynamics, energy transmission, energy efficiency, etc. that enable the company to undertake significant and challenging research projects. Strategic collaborations with several universities and research centers from all around Europe support Whirlpool needs.

M.J.Maillis S.A. Industrial Packaging Systems and Technologies

M. J. Maillis group is manufacturing and distributing complete secondary packaging systems, machines & packaging materials in Strapping, Wrapping and Case Handling including also hand strapping tools. The Group is headquartered in Athens, Greece and operates in 18 countries throughout Europe, North America and Asia.

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