RINA Strategic Intelligence Platform

RINA Strategic Intelligence Platform
June 4, 2019 UPTIME Admin

State-of-Play of Predictive Maintenance Models, Techniques & Platforms

The RINA Strategic Intelligence Platform is an UPTIME database, which provides State-of-Play of predictive maintenance models, techniques and platforms. The aim is to set the basis of the UPTIME project by analysing, on the basis of a structured methodology and selected KPIs, a number of solutions to perform Predictive Maintenance (PM), ranging from reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance, as well as currently available on both commercial and research level platforms implementing PM functionalities. In particular, information regarding the state of play in predictive maintenance covering a broad spectrum of platforms that involve several kinds of PM models and techniques is provided.

With this database, it is possible to have a wide and smart vision on the Predictive Maintenance world based on commercial and R&D active players, relevant intellectual properties and scientific publications. The RINA Strategic Intelligence Platform is a web-based result of the UPTIME Deliverable 1.1 and is accessible via here.

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