UPTIME 7th Newsletter – Edition 11/2020

UPTIME 7th Newsletter – Edition 11/2020
November 20, 2020 UPTIME Admin



Dear reader,

Welcome to the 7th edition of the UPTIME Newsletter.

The UPTIME project has entered the final phase. The prototype of the UPTIME Platform has been deployed into the three industrial business cases in its final configuration.

The UPTIME Platform gives you a competitive advantage by empowering everyone involved in your maintenance activities. Operational staff and managers benefit from real-time visualization of asset conditions, correlation analyses and accurate predictions. Maintenance managers benefit from actionable plans based on accurate predictions, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. All stakeholders gain valuable insights into the data thanks to intuitive, customizable visualization. In this edition, we gladly present you 10 main added-values of UPTIME Platform perceived by our industrial end-users.

In addition to the six main components of the UPTIME Platform introduced in the previous newsletters, in this issue, we are proud to announce the UPTIME Workers’ Mobile Application, which helps workers on the shop floor stay up-to-date in real-time about their maintenance tasks.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to three upcoming virtual workshops and webinars.

Please, save the date for:

• Interoperability for Maintenance Workshop, in conjunction with I-ESA 2020, 17 Nov 2020, 13:30 – 17:30 CET.

• ForeSee Cluster Webinar #3: How to Measure ROI for PdM Applications, 26 Nov 2020, 16:00 – 17:30 CET.

• UPTIME Webinar #3: Predictive Maintenance: Lessons Learned & Best Practices in the Aviation Industry, 10 Dec 2020, 11:00 – 12:30 CET.

You can find more details about our events in the next sections of this newsletter. We hope to see you there and look forward to interacting with you as well as getting your valuable feedback.

We hope you enjoy our newsletter!

Karl Hribernik
UPTIME Project Coordinator
BIBA - Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik GmbH


UPTIME Workers' Mobile Application

The UPTIME Platform consists of six main components, addressing various phases of the unified predictive maintenance approach. In our previous newsletters, we introduced UPTIME_SENSE for data acquisition and manipulation,  UPTIME_DETECT & _PREDICT for stream data analytics, UPTIME_DECIDE for maintenance decision-making and action planning, UPTIME_ANALYZE for batch data analytics, UPTIME_FMECA for risk assessment and the last component UPTIME_VISUALIZE for visual analytics. In this edition, we present the UPTIME Workers’ Mobile Application.

The UPTIME Workers’ Mobile Application aims to ensure that the workers on the shop floor are notified in time to take the proper maintenance action. These actions are approved by the factory’s maintenance manager based on maintenance prescriptions generated by the UPTIME Platform.

In brief, the UPTIME Workers’ Mobile Application is used for bilateral communication with the UPTIME Platform as follows:

• The mobile application receives suggested maintenance actions by the UPTIME Platform and provides push notifications to workers to immediately notify them about actions that requires their attention in a specific production line.

• The mobile application returns details about the maintenance actions implemented on the shop floor back to the UPTIME Platform. This way, workers can report actions which may be differ from the recommendations.

In this way, the UPTIME Platform keeps track in real-time about what is happening on the shop floor.

Dr. Fenareti Lampathaki Technical Director Suite5 - Data Intelligence Solutions Limited


Ten added-values of the UPTIME Platform perceived by industrial end-users

In this 7th edition, Isabelle Tanguy from ISADEUS interviewed our three industrial partners, who are at the heart of the utilisation and validation of the UPTIME Predictive Maintenance Platform. 

“What are the real added-values
of the UPTIME Platform?”

Isabelle Tanguy UPTIME Community Management ISADEUS

Our three industrial partners have acknowledged distinct added-values of the UPTIME Platform, according to the diverse characteristics of their use cases. In this article, we put together the statement shared by our end-users on the added values to give you a whole picture what the UPTIME Platform may offer to your company.

1. Configure how you look at your data

It is important for companies to know “what can you do with your data”. For example, they want to easily see discrepancies and compare them with past events, which is a great advantage for the maintenance team.

2. Data acquisition system agnostic

UPTIME is an independent tool with no vendor lock-in and flexible integration possibilities. It is designed to be able to integrate many different types of heterogeneous data sources.

3. Data analytics

UPTIME allows companies to do data science without the need for data scientists or programmers.

4. Monitoring and measuring

UPTIME gives a clear, continuous, and intuitive overview of important data in real time and provides a flexible and adaptable way to acquire complex, multi-source data.

5. Reporting capabilities

UPTIME allows operators to check equipment’s health and understand what actions are necessary anywhere and anytime


6. Flexibility

Users can easily modify decision rules, sensors, and data without changing the configuration of the overall system.

7. Dynamicity

UPTIME can adapt to changes, completely different maintenance structures or types of production. It can be upgraded in the future to be interfaced with new software and to new sources of data.

8. Modularity

The key added value of UPTIME is its modularity. It is much more able to be integrated with a legacy system. It can combine different components and add new ones.

9. FMECA functionality

Looking at the products on the market, the presence of FMECA functionality is unique, with its systematic approach to identify potential failure modes.

10. Interoperable and evolutionary

Last but not least, UPTIME does not lock you into a vendor. On top of the advantages outlined above, its value lies in its open design, guaranteeing its evolution and interoperability with your changing production and IT processes and systems.

“UPTIME helps MAILLIS optimising their machine healthcare along with developing faults detection capability, which are key advantages of UPTIME in addition to the typical benefit of predictive maintenance solution.”

Vasilis Boursinos, Vice President Operations of M.J. Maillis S.A., responsible for the use case cold rolling for steel straps.

“Thanks to UPTIME, Whirlpool now knows their equipment better, how to implement a Predictive Maintenance project in any of its factories and equipment, allowing to accelerate the introduction of Proactive Maintenance that lowering risk and cost.”

Pierluigi Petrali, Manager of Manufacturing R&D of Whirlpool Corporation, for the use case white goods production.

“UPTIME enables FFT maintenance service to focus more on the primary maintenance processes by automating secondary processes such as data acquisition, processing and reporting, while continuously providing relevant data to improve all processes.”

 Jeroen Versteeg, Senior Project Manager of FFT Produktionssyteme GmbH & Co. KG, for the use case production and logistics systems in the aviation sector.



Save the Date!

UPTIME 3rd Webinar “Predictive Maintenance: Lessons Learned & Best Practices in the Aviation Industry” will be held on 10 December 2020, from 11:00 to 12:30 CET.  We are eager to have the opportunity to present you the UPTIME Predictive Maintenance Platform and its demonstration in the FFT business case.

This webinar is free of charge and dedicated to people who want to learn and see a concrete implementation of our Predictive Maintenance Platform in a real business case. The webinar will be interactive, where you will have the opportunity to get your questions answered by our experts panel, and we will be happy to receive your feedback. For more details about the webinar, please visit here. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.


Interoperability for Maintenance Virtual Workshop at I-ESA 2020 Conference

ForeSee Cluster Webinar Series: Predictive Maintenance European Success Stories

The ForeSee Cluster projects UPTIME, SERENA and Z-BRE4K have jointly organised an international workshop on Interoperability for Maintenance Semantic Model, Terminology and Ontology:  Advances and way forward for the maintenance of the future in conjunction with the I-ESA 2020 conference.

The workshop will take place virtually on 17 Nov 2020 from 13:30 – 17:30 CET. Programme is available here.

Select on the conference website: “Non authors attendees” and one day. You will receive an e-mail to choose the date and a connection link to the workshop from the organizers.

Participation fees for one day is 50 €.

For any questions related to the workshop, please contact: Yves Keraron (yves.keraron@isadeus.fr).

For further information, please visit: https://iesa2020.enit.fr/

The ForeSee Cluster, a European Cluster of six innovative R&D projects – UPTIME, PROPHESY, PROGRAMS, Z-BRE4K, PRECOM, SERENA  –  for sustainable Predictive Maintenance solutions organises a series of webinars.

The ForeSee webinars present relevant use-cases developed within the six projects and the related technologies deployed from the shop floor to cloud infrastructure. The events feature a keynote speech on relevant technologies and trends in the manufacturing field. You will also have an opportunity to join an open discussion with the project partners.

Implementation of the UPTIME predictive maintenance solution on the FFT business case, which deals with highly complex transportation asset operations, will be presented on the Webinar #3 taking place on 26 November 2020 from 16:00 – 17:30 CET. The event highlights the main aspects of ROI measurements of PdM application, together with the presentation of the use case of production systems in the aviation  of UPTIME project and in the automotive industry of PROPHESY project.

Registration is free of charge.

Further information about the upcoming webinar and recorded videos from past webinars are available on the ForeSee Cluster website: http://foresee-cluster.eu/.


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