UPTIME Proactive Decision-Making Component

UPTIME Proactive Decision-Making Component
May 29, 2019 UPTIME Admin

UPTIME Proactive Decision-Making Component : UPTIME_DECIDE

A demo video showing an example of the implementation of the UPTIME_DECIDE, proactive decision-making component of UPTIME Platform, in the MAILLIS business case.

In the video, an overview of the data related to the decision making process and the latest prescriptions and the main functions offered by the UPTIME_DECIDE, developed by UPTIME partner ICCS:

Design time:
• In the “Assets” view, the user can configure the asset types and the assets under examination.
• In the “Prescription model configuration” menu, the user is able to configure the objects of the entities involved in the decision making process, e.g. proactive action, failure modes, the costs of actions, costs of failure modes and lifetime after each action implementation as well as the decision rules that correlate predicted failures with sets of proactive actions.

Run time:
• At runtime, the UPTIME_DECIDE component receives predictions about forthcoming failures and generates prescriptions for the optimal (perfect of imperfect) maintenance actions and the optimal time of their implementation

Real-time monitoring:
• In the monitoring view, the user can monitor the generated prescriptions in real-time and provide feedback

User feedback:
• The user can approve, reject the generated prescription or classify it as “Completed” once the prescribed maintenance actions are implemented

Maintenance plan:
• The maintenance plan refers to the plan of all the approved maintenance actions
•The plan also indicates the completed and expired prescriptions

For more information of UPTIME_DECIDE component, please take a look at the UPTIME Newsletter May 2019 edition.

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