UPTIME Presentation at Ket4DF2020, 9 June 2020

UPTIME Presentation at Ket4DF2020, 9 June 2020
May 25, 2020 UPTIME Admin

UPTIME Presentation at Ket4DF2020

Joint work of UPTIME Partners: ICCS, SUITE5 and MAILLIS is digitally presented at the 2nd International Workshop on Key Enabling Technologies for Digital Factories (Ket4DF2020), which is held in conjunction with CAiSE 2020 – 32nd International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering, June 8-12, 2020.
The paper titled “Machine Learning for Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics of Operational Data in Smart Manufacturing”, is presented by ICCS partner, Katerina Lepenioti, who explains a novel approach to use operational data – not sensor data – for advanced data analytics in the manufacturing domain. 
Moreover, ICCS implements the Long Short Term Memory networks (LSTMs) for predicting failures and multi-objective reinforcement learning for recommending maintenance actions. They also incorporate the preferences of domain experts, in an effort to fuse the “voice of data” with the “voice of experts”.
The Ket4DF2020 Workshop will be held online on June 9, 2020. Full programme of the workshop is available Ket4DF2020.
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