UPTIME Platform Implementation in the FFT Business Case

UPTIME Platform Implementation in the FFT Business Case
May 29, 2019 UPTIME Admin

Implementation of UPTIME Platform at FFT Business Case

Interview with Jeroen Versteeg, Senior Project Manager of FFT Aviation Systems & Test Operations Division based in Bremen on benefits of predictive maintenance in large transportation asset operations.

In the first video, Jeroen Versteeg provides a background why predictive maintenance is important for FFT. He also explains typical maintenance activities and current maintenance process of the Transportation Jigs, which transport large and flexible aircraft part. Moreover, he provides some examples on some main challenges in the maintenance and different typical damages sources.

In the second video, he shortly introduces the UPTIME platform and its components and how they are going to be implemented in the FFT business case.

For more details on the FFT Business Case in UPTIME, please take a look at the UPTIME Newsletter October 2018 edition.

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