LIVE WEBINAR: 10 Dec 2020, 11:00 – 12:30 CET – UPTIME Predictive Maintenance – Lessons Learned and Best Practices in the Aviation Industry

LIVE WEBINAR: 10 Dec 2020, 11:00 – 12:30 CET – UPTIME Predictive Maintenance – Lessons Learned and Best Practices in the Aviation Industry
December 1, 2020 UPTIME Admin

UPTIME Predictive Maintenance:
Lessons Learned and Best Practices in Aviation Industry

The UPTIME 3rd Webinar addresses benefits of predictive maintenance in a highly complex transportation asset operations deployed in the aviation industry. UPTIME Partner from FFT Produktionssyteme GmbH & Co. KG shares his experiences, challenges and some lessons learnt from the implementation of the UPTIME Platform in the FFT use case.

The use case focusses on one specific production logistics asset used in the aviation industry, so-called “jig” for the transport of wing covers of commercial aircraft. The reliability of production logistics assets is a critical cost factor in the production of high-value products such as aircraft and needs to be considered along with the reliability of other production equipment to ensure a timely, cost-effective and high-quality production processes. Due to the critical nature of the deployment of these assets, the requirements are both technically and organisationally very high. The need has arisen to increase efficiency in maintenance execution as well as in reporting to the client, who in most of our projects is responsible for the logistics coordination of their assets.

The webinar is free of charge, dedicated to people who want to learn and see a concrete implementation of the UPTIME Predictive Maintenance Platform in a real business case. It is interactive, where you have the opportunity to ask questions to the experts panel and we are happy to receive your feedback.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.


Jeroen Versteeg
Senior Project Manager
FFT Produktionssysteme GmbH & CO. KG

Jeroen Versteeg has a MSc. Mechanical Engineering degree from Twente University, with a specialisation in Industrial Automation. For FFT, he has contributed to projects such as building Airbus’ A320 Assembly line in Tianjin, China, and COMAC’s C919 Equipping Line in Shanghai, China, the latter as FFT China Head of Aviation Department. Jeroen strives to enable people to “Work smarter, not harder”, by implementing innovative processes and novel software integrations to increase quality and productivity. The presentation is delivered by Jeroen Versteeg, who currently manages FFT’s contribution to UPTIME, which uses the UPTIME platform to predict the state of mobile transportation jigs used to transport wing skins for Europe’s largest aircraft OEM by land, sea and air, and the co-development of a generic mobile IoT sensor platform (UPTIME SENSEnode) used and tested in this deployment.

Alexandros Bousdekis is a Senior Researcher at the Information Management Unit (IMU) of the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS). Since 2014, he has been working in several Factories of the Future and ICT R&D projects.

His research interests include: Industry 4.0, intelligent systems, management of information systems, predictive & prescriptive analytics, real-time decision making, and proactive computing. He holds a Diploma (5-year BSc) degree in Production and Management Engineering from the Technical University of Crete (Greece), an MSc degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from the University of Warwick (UK) and a Doctoral degree in proactive computing and event-driven decision making with a focus on Industry 4.0 from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) (Greece).

His PhD thesis has received the Best Dissertation Award by the Hellenic Operational Research Society (HELORS) and the Excellence Award by the Public Power Corporation (PPC) S.A.

He has been a member of more than 20 review committees in journals and conferences and he has published more than 30 papers in international peer-reviewed journals and conferences. Three of his papers in international conferences have received the Best Paper Award. He is also an Adjunct Lecturer at the Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering of the University of West Attica.


Dr. Alexandros Bousdekis
Senior Researcher
ICCS - Institute of Communication and Computer Systems


Moritz von Stietencron
Research Scientist
BIBA - Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik GmbH

Moritz von Stietencron is a Research Scientist in the department for intelligent ICT for cooperative production at BIBA with a background in industrial engineering and management. His main expertise is the item-level, closed-loop Product Lifecycle Management. In the EC funded projects “BOMA”, “FORTISSIMO – HighSea”, “Manutelligence”, “LINCOLN” and “UPTIME” he co-developed and implemented a soft- and hardware concept for a Universal Sensor Gateway to enable the integration of products into the Internet of Things and their Digital Twin. He is one of the founding members of the IoT-FabLab ( at BIBA and currently Technical Coordinator of the EU-project DIH4CPS.

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